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miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

Message to Omega

Cortesy: Messsage to Omega
The Message to Omega band was founded at the end of May 2013 by Mikhail Belyaev guitarist and bass player Nick Riviera.

After 3 months guys started to record their first album.
The first single "Hex Blood" was released in December. The video for that song (result of experiment group with female vocals and a successful collaboration with vocalist Tillen Avers) was released in the same time.

Further work was complex, at that stage there seemed everything works against the band! But we just overcame all difficulties!
Finally we've gotten stable team: Evgeniy Zhukov - vocals, Mikhail Belyaev - guitar, Nick Riviera - bass guitar, Dmitriy Kovalev - drums, and all the tunes were finally recorded.

The debut album "Advent" was released on the Russian label IROND on September 6, 2014, and also released in digital format on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, etc

ADVENT is available!
via iTunes or GooglePlay

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