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lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Introducing Tissue Issue

Autumn 2008, 5 guys born 1992 were put in the same class in senior high. One of their first tasks in school was to write a song based on a famous storytale. Axel chose to base his song Ecstasy on the danish tale The Little Match Girl. Soon Tissue Issue started to collaborate under names such as Uncountable Sounds and Silversand and at that time, in October 2008, Jonathan joined the band.

Things were getting more serious when Tissue Issue decided to start playing live concerts and writing even more music. In Mars 2009 Tissue Issue booked gigs for the next fall. Headlining the gigs as Slavers Ind (a paraphrase of Silversand) was something a part of the band didn't want to do so at that time the name Tissue Issue was made up. 2009 was a good year for Tissue Issue because that is when things started to happen. A demo-record was released with three tracks and the first gigs started to roll in.

In 2010 concerts were going well and a few hundred in the audience could rock to the tones of the new EP 'Rock It Science' released in May 2010 and in September the latest EP Air Figurine (released April 2011) could be heard live.

Tissue Issue are currently working on their first Full-length album and rumors says it will be released 2012.
Tissue Issue are (From left to right):
Mattias Bertolino [Lead Guitar]
Axel Tovedal [Guitar and Vocals]
Isak Eklöv [Drums and Vocals]
Simon Bergström [Lead Vocals]
Jonathan Gustafsson [Bass]

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here we leave you a video:

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